Letter from the prior

Dear friends, welcome to the website of Arul Ashram, a spiritual community 12km from Pondicherry. A number of people come here for the weekend, holidays or other occasions to recharge their batteries.

Through our website we would like to give you a taster of the spirit of our community, where vitality, joy, peace and mercy mingle together in a harmonious symphony. We aim to overcome the great challenge of uniting various groups in this one place through compassion, education, care, healing and truth. “Look how they love each other” (Jn 13, 35).

This is the testimony we would like to share with those around us; to the students of the adjoining university, to all the young in Pondicherry, to all the priests and religious of the diocese and finally to all those who we are, in some way of another, in contact with. We firmly believe that the Gospel can flourish in India and bear an abundance of fruits for the world today, which is so devoid of spirituality and enlightenment.

Dear friends we hope that this website can provide you with the answers to any questions you may have.

Father Peter


Our life is a contemplative life. Contemplation is the profound intention of our life. The religious and monastic elements are ordered toward this contemplation. Why? Because we are joined to Mary and Saint John, they were present at the Cross, and they lived the Cross in a contemplative way. This is the summit of all christian life. We must not be affraid to make this statement, but we must make it in great poverty and littleness, in a very great humility. All of us fall short of what the Holy Spirit is asking of us, especially if He is asking us to live contemplative life as did Mary at the Cross. However, all of us must have a great desire to live this contemplation and all of us must strive towards living it. That is what the community of Saint John is.

Father Marie dominique Philippe O.P.


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