For helping them to develop in full their individual capabilities and personalities, we strongly encourage the children to take part to extracurricular activities. Some of their schools offer such type of training: dance, judo/karate, chess, choir singing and so on. At the Ashram, the girls can attend lessons of the traditional dance called bharatanatyam and the boys either kalaripayat (traditional martial art from Kerala) or football. Otherwise, they can also draw, play badminton, play board and parlour games, assemble pearl necklaces or cut paper ear clips.


On last Christmas day, a God-inspired sponsor offered a dozen of bicycles. The children have always loved bicycle riding. Some of them even pedal their way to school. This year, we have also thaught them how to swim. Mainly during the summer holidays, most of the kids had the opportunity to improve their swimming skills in a nearby lake. Back home, they also had the opportunity to visit regularly a swimming pool, thanks to a generous friend who offered free tickets on week days. Today, nearly all of them swim like fishes in water!