During the first six years – before triple therapy – Shanti Bhavan hosted more than five hundred AIDS patients; the majority of them died, supported by the sister’s and brother’s prayers for their final trip to Heaven.

The sisters of Saint Joseph of Cluny have assigned two Indian sisters – including a nurse – to conduct the medical and social support of the centre. From the outside, a medical doctor and a clinical psychologist follow regularly each patient. The centre is open to volunteers coming to help the sisters of Cluny and the brothers of Saint John in the day-to-day follow-up and the various activities of the patients.


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Today, the atmosphere has much changed. Thanks to triple therapy, this place for people to die has become a centre of cure and life where men and women, also challenged in many ways, get back their dignity and live together in a climate of work or leisure. For example, many like to spend time playing pétanque, a French game of balls.